2019 Nissan Livina VE Review

The presence of the Nissan Livina since 2007 has presented a new driving experience in the entry-level MPV class. The convenience served leaves a positive impression on consumers, which makes Livina get a place in the hearts of consumers. So don't be surprised if Livina is releasing more and more variants. Call it variants such as the Nissan Livina X-Gear to the Grand Livina Highway Star, all of which are presented to meet the wishes of various customers.

From the choice of looking sporty to luxury following a powerful engine, Nissan cars continue to be refined with a premium touch in their development. No exception in the second generation who was present in 2019.

The memorable moment inherent in the second generation Nissan Livina is that Indonesia has the honor to be the first country to launch the Livina internationally. The global launch of the Nissan Livina took place in February 2019.


In the second generation, the All-New Nissan Livina combines Nissan's unique design character and the comfort found in Livina products. Carrying the theme "Nissan Intelligent Mobility," Nissan wants to make the driving experience with family safe, smooth and confident. Even though it has the same platform as the Mitsubishi Xpander, some differences are visible.

The mandatory identity of Nissan products is embedded, namely, the V-Motion grille and boomerang-shaped LED headlights. These two identities are typical Nissan designs found in various types, such as the Nissan Serena, Elgrand, and Teana. There is also a DRL device that is a mandatory feature of today's cars on the front.

The rear of the exterior of the new Nissan Livina has a combination of LED lights that are considered to be more modern and have optimal lighting. In addition, on the back is also presented a camera feature and parking sensors. This feature will help the reverse parking process later.

Luxurious features are also found in the lamp because it can be activated automatically. Slide the light lever in the Auto position, and the light will automatically turn on when experiencing low-light ambient conditions. Of course, this feature is effortless when we accidentally drive into a dark area.


At the Nissan All New Livina, the interior is made full of a luxury than other competitors. Like displaying premium leather seats that make it different from other cars in its segment.

This MPV also offers smartphone connectivity which is the first in its segment. And a multimedia head unit is also embedded with a navigation device to support driving comfort while providing entertainment.

Not only that, the MPV with a 1,500 cc engine capacity is equipped with features that are commonly found in luxury cars, such as Hill Start Assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and Traction Control that increase the feeling of safety and comfort while driving.

The All-New Nissan Livina is considered a spacious and comfortable cabin with a premium feel for its highest variant, the VL type. Like a 7-seater family car, the Nissan Livina also offers many compartments for extra storage space for luggage.


The design of the Nissan Livina engine is also the same as the one used by the Xpander.

The engine has a capacity of 1,449 cc DOHC.

Thanks to this engine, Livina can produce power of 102 HP and maximum torque of 141 Nm.

This pacemaker is then paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic. Unfortunately, Livina is not equipped with a CVT system in its automatic transmission; This is a reasonably glaring weakness besides the price being more expensive than the Xpander.

Even so, this 4-cylinder engine is tough enough to be carried through urban terrain where conditions are always stop-and-go. The character is responsive, step on the gas pedal a little, and the car goes straight away. Of course, this character brings advantages because gasoline consumption can be more efficient given that you don't need to step on the gas pedal too deep to get it going.


Touching the dashboard area, Nissan tries to present a stylish and dynamic design. Starting from the instrument panel behind the wheel, Livina is equipped with a MID with an Eco indicator. Livina is fitted with tilt and telescopic steering features on the steering wheel itself, making it easier to adjust the steering position. In addition, Livina is also equipped with a 7-inch monitor head unit that can be synchronized with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The VE type is also equipped with 12 V power outlets in each row.

Besides being equipped with full and entertaining multimedia features, the All-New Nissan Livina is also supported with a variety of abundant features. Call it features such as an Intelligent key System (I-Key) and the Start / Stop button to turn on or turn off the machine.

As for security and safety features, the All-New Nissan Livina is equipped with a rearview camera with parking sensors, ABS + EBD + BA, Dual SRS airbags, seatbelt reminder, auto hazard light on emergency braking.

One of the luxury details found in the All-New Nissan Livina is the silence that far leaves its rivals. The cabin is more impermeable because it uses more dampers behind the panels, including the door panels. So it's no wonder closing the doors of the All-New Nissan Livina is heavier than its twin brothers and rivals.

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